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Our Squad

Alex is the founder of We Make Websites, the world’s most recognised Shopify ecommerce agency. Since 2007 he has hundreds of businesses succeed at ecommerce and has spoken to audiences around the world how to succeed in fintech and ecommerce.

Ben is the founder of StoreKit, the UK's only platform for small business to find and compare point of sale and payment products.

5 reasons we love fintech

  1. People deserve better

    The current state of finance sucks. With Fintech, we can create a new culture without the hubris of old finance. Fintechs are building services that normal people actually get excited about. Design thinking, new tech and service excellence leads to happy customers.

  2. Finance is getting interesting

    Fintech startups are showing the marketplace they can offer superior services. Old finance companies are stepping forward with unshackled innovation teams. Regulatory bodies are adapting too. It’s an exciting time to be in finance, if you’re on the right side of the disruption.

  3. The little guys can make a big difference

    In fintech, skilled technologists out-maneuver multinational monolithic institutions. Successful companies have have had to become technology companies and older companies have struggled with this. Technology levels the playing field and in finance this is already apparent with the rapid market of adoption of the best known fintechs.

  4. The potential is huge

    Most banks are held together with fragile spreadsheets. Bad tech makes it hard to get to market quickly and paying legacy suppliers is expensive. In the next decade, the promise of fintech is not only to completely re-imagine technology in finance but to radically improve how people interact with money in their lives, for the better.

  5. Now is the time to get involved

    In a winner-takes-all economy, some of today's fintech startups have the potential to become household names overnight. It’s still possible to be a key part of the story for these fintech brands, so have a look at who’s hiring and register your CV for the opportunity to join the fintech revolution.